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Do you have chronic health problems like fatigue, digestion problems, or weight gain? Perhaps you've already turned to many doctors and specialists but just didn't feel like you got the help that you needed.

Medicine and medical procedures may treat some of your symptoms, but they don't get to the root of the problem. The only way to address the full problem is through natural health in Issaquah, WA.

At Functional Health Solutions Center, we take a full, comprehensive view of every aspect of your health. We help you regain your energy and vitality through natural solutions.

Enjoy Our Process for Natural Health in Issaquah, WA

When you meet with Dr. Larry Silber, he will take a full history and evaluation and perform laboratory testing. He will then offer specific suggestions for you. His suggestions may include taking certain supplements, changing your diet, altering your sleep and exercise schedule, and learning how to better manage your stress.

Dr. Silber forms a partnership with you to co-create a healthier lifestyle. At Functional Health Solutions Center, our goal is not just to fix your symptoms temporarily but to improve your health for years to come.

Trust In Our Experience

Dr. Larry Silber has been working as a chiropractor for 23 years. Throughout his career, Dr. Silber has committed himself to learning all he can about natural health in Issaquah, WA. Today, he focuses exclusively on nutrition and lifestyle coaching so he can help others gain a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Silber can create a specific plan for you that can help you regain energy, relieve health problems, and make a positive change in your life. Make an appointment today to start feeling better.


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