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Internet Links Related to Health Topics



These are useful and well-written articles relating to lifestyle topics.


Better sleep


Your body on anxiety


What is hydrolyzed protein


Introduction to Functional Medicine


Chemical toxins exposure report from the CDC


Eat Fat, Cut The Carbs and Avoid Snacking To Reverse Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes




These are some of my favorite and informative websites full of valuable lifestyle and health education tips.


Environmental Working Group

Make sure to check out the other connected sites about sunscreen, personal care products (skin deep), household cleaners, and more.


Excellent source for health information


A plethora of useful information


A program to change your life


Another super valuable resource


A must see movie


Healthy eating guidelines website.  Eat more real food, lower carb, good fats and protein.



Cooking Blogs

This is just a beginning list of my favorite recipe sites, there are many more, just explore!


For 30 days of recipes!


Whether you are just beginning to exercise or you are an elite athlete there is valuable information here on how to build a strong foundation for efficient and durable movement (check out the YouTube channel for additional videos).


Dr. Eric Goodman – foundation training

Helpful Resources